Global Development Hub Visual Identity

Facilitating STEM Impact on Global Challenges

Our global society faces urgent and unprecedented challenges, including the urgent need to respond to anthropogenic environmental change; plateauing crop yields in the face of a growing population; continuing epidemics of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV; health inequalities; and rising air pollution in our rapidly expanding cities. 

As a world-leading STEM institution, Imperial has a critical role in finding innovative solutions to these shared global challenges and in accelerating society towards a more resilient, sustainable future.

The Global Development Hub brings together Imperial’s expertise to maximise the global impact of our world-leading research, education and innovation, engage with the United Nations Sustainable Agenda 2030, and prepare for the sustainability challenges that might arise 20, 30 or even 50 years into the future.

Introduction to the Global Development Hub

Global Development Hub - Video Introduction

Imperial academics, students and international partners introduce the Global Development Hub.