The Centre for Neurotechnology organizes a regular seminar series throughout the year. Details of all upcoming Centre events can be found on the events page. Everyone is welcome to attend (no registration is necessary). Details of past seminars can be found here.

2019 Seminars - to be confirmed
Dec 2019   tbc  
Nov 2019 tanter Mickael Tanter | INSERM to be confirmed
Oct 2019 akrami Athena Akrami | Sainsbury Wellcome CentreUCL to be confirmed
24 Sept   tbc  
July     Centre for Neurotechnology Annual Research Symposium
18 June 2019 ghezzi Diego Ghezzi | EPFL Wireless photovoltaic neural prostheses
May 2019 oleary Tim O'Leary | University of Cambridge Degenerate feedback control in the nervous system
30 Apr 2019 linden Jennifer Linden | UCL Ear institute Neural Mechanisms of Temporal Processing in Central Auditory System: A Neurotheory of Gap Detection
19 Mar 2019 johansen-berg Heidi Johansen-Berg | Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging Title tbc
19 Feb 2019 | Joint seminar with EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare & Biomaths Group chavez Mario Chavez | CNRS Differential Geometry Applied to Monitoring of Brain States From EEG Signals
22 Jan 2019 foust Amanda Foust | Department of Bioengineering & Centre for Neurotechnology, Imperial College London Negotiating the photon budget for neuronal membrane potential imaging
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