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Centre for Neurotechnology seminar from Ben Hayden

Professor of Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

Orbitofrontal cortex and the integrative approach to functional neuroanatomy

Abstract: The project of functional neuroanatomy typically considers single brain areas as the core functional unit of the brain. Functional neuroanatomists typically use specialized tasks that are designed to isolate hypothesized functions from other cognitive processes. Our lab takes a broader view; specifically, we consider brain regions as parts of larger circuits and we take cognitive processes as part of more complex behavioral repertoires. In my talk, I will discuss the ramifications of this perspective for thinking about the role of the orbitofrontal cortex. I will discuss results of recent experiments from my lab that tackle the question of OFC function within the context of larger brain networks and in freely moving foraging tasks. I will argue that this perspective challenges conventional accounts of the role of OFC and invites new ones. I will conclude by speculating on implications for the practice of functional neuroanatomy.

Bio: Benjamin Hayden obtained a PhD at UC Berkeley where he worked with Jack Gallant to understand the neural basis of working memory and perceptual decision-making. He did a post-doctoral fellowship at Duke University with Michael Platt where he studied the role of anterior and posterior cingulate cortices in economic choice. In 2011, he set up a lab at the University of Rochester and moved in 2011 to the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on prefrontal cortex, economic choice, and executive control, and is often aimed at using naturalistic tasks.

Lab website: http://www.haydenlab.com

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