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Chair in Geological Fluid Dynamics



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Chair in Geological Fluid Mechanics, Imperial College London, 2016-date

TOTAL Chair in Geological Fluid Mechanics, Imperial College London, 2011-2016

Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London,  2006-2011

Lecturer, Imperial College London,  2002-2006

Research Associate, Imperial College London,  1997-2002

PhD, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Liverpool,  1993-1997

BSc, Physics, Imperial College,  1990-1993


Investigation, prediction, quantification, and measurement of transport processes in heterogeneous geological porous media, using field, experimental, mathematical and numerical techniques.

Research Groups and Laboratories

Novel methods for reservoir monitoring, modelling and simulation (NORMS)

NORMS Laboratory for Reservoir Physics


2022 EAGE Alfred Wegener Award 

2019 Best Paper Award, Mathematical Geosciences

2011-2016 Chair sponsored by TOTAL

2015 EAGE Norman Falcon Award


2022 'Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage: Challenges to Widespread Uptake in the United Kingdom and Other Immature Markets', American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, Chicago

2022 'Large-scale energy storage using natural underground reservoirs', Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College London

2021 'Melt fraction change and magma differentiation in crustal mush reservoirs: Insights from mathematical and numerical models' Modelling Co-Laboratory

2017 'Escaping the Tyranny of the Grid - Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Using Adaptive Unstructured Meshing', workshop on 'Do you believe your data? Or uncertainties in our geoscience workflows?' 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France


2018-19, Local Area Committee, 81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition, London, UK

2017 Co-convenor, session chair and speaker, Royal Society Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting on 'Magma Reservoir Architecture and Dynamics', Kavli Royal Society Centre, UK

2017 Co-convenor, workshop on 'Geoscience & Reservoir Integration in Studies: Tools and Methods, 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France

2014 - 2017, Co-Chair, AAPG Distinguished Lecture Committee


2022 'Faster, Better, Cheaper: Innovative Reservoir Modeling Approaches for the Energy Transition', EAGE Workshop on Innovative Reservoir Modeling into Digital Proliferation, Kuala Lumpur

2019 ‘Impact of reactive flow on storage, accumulation and differentiation of
magma in the continental crust’, International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada

2018, 'Wettability Across Scales', International Wettability Symposium, Austin, Texas, USA

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Jackson WA, Hampson GJ, Jacquemyn C, et al., 2022, A screening assessment of the impact of sedimentological heterogeneity on CO2 migration and stratigraphic-baffling potential: Johansen and Cook formations, Northern Lights project, offshore Norway, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol:120, ISSN:1750-5836, Pages:1-23

Regnier G, Salinas P, Jacquemyn C, et al., 2022, Numerical simulation of aquifer thermal energy storage using surface-based geologic modelling and dynamic mesh optimisation, Hydrogeology Journal, Vol:30, ISSN:1431-2174, Pages:1179-1198

Salinas P, Regnier G, Jacquemyn C, et al., 2021, Dynamic mesh optimisation for geothermal reservoir modelling, Geothermics, Vol:94, ISSN:0375-6505, Pages:1-13

Jackson MD, Blundy J, Sparks RSJ, 2018, Chemical differentiation, cold storage and remobilization of magma in the Earth's crust, Nature, Vol:564, ISSN:0028-0836, Pages:405-409+

Malcolm G, Jackson M, MacAllister DJ, et al., 2018, Self-potential as a predictor of seawater intrusion in coastal groundwater boreholes, Water Resources Research, Vol:54, ISSN:0043-1397, Pages:6055-6071

MacAllister DJ, Jackson MD, Butler AP, et al., 2018, Remote detection of saline intrusion in a coastal aquifer using borehole measurements of self potential, Water Resources Research, Vol:54, ISSN:0043-1397, Pages:1669-1687

More Publications