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The Novel Reservoir Monitoring, Modelling and Simulation (NORMS) group is a multidisciplinary collective of geoscientists, applied mathematicians, engineers, and experimental and computational physicists. 

The group develops and applies new methods to monitor and model fluid flow in subsurface reservoirs. Applications of the research are numerous and include monitoring and modelling of hydrocarbon recovery (including improved and enhanced recovery), groundwater flow, magma reservoirs and geothermal resources.

The NORMS group combines expertise in numerical modelling from the Applied Modelling and Computation Group (AMCG), and in geological modelling, porous media flow and subsurface applications from the Earth and Planets (E&P) and Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering (PGE) groups. We also collaborate with a wide range of academic institutions and commercial organisations in the UK and overseas.


We have a range of PhD projects available to start in 2019.   See the Vacancies page for more details.

Selected research highlights

Jackson, MD, Blundy, J, Sparks, RSJ, 2018, Chemical differentiation, cold storage and remobilization of magma in the Earth’s crust, Nature, doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0746-2

Lei Q, Xie Z, Pavlidis D, Salinas P, Veltin J, Matar O, Pain C, Muggeridge A, Gyllensten A, Jackson MD, et al., 2018, The shape and motion of gas bubbles in a liquid flowing through a thin annulus, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol: 285, Pages: 1017-1039, ISSN: 0022-1120

Salinas P, Pavlidis D, Xie Z, Osman H, Pain CC, Jackson MD, et al., 2018, A discontinuous control volume finite element method for multi-phase flow in heterogeneous porous mediaJOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, Vol: 352, Pages: 602-614, ISSN: 0021-9991

Graham MT, MacAllister DJ, Vinogradov J, Jackson MD, Butler AP, et al., 2018, Self-Potential as a Predictor of Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Groundwater BoreholesWater Resources Research, ISSN: 0043-1397

Al Mahrouqi D, Vinogradov J, Jackson MD, 2017, Zeta potential of artificial and natural calcite in aqueous solutionADVANCES IN COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, Vol: 240, Pages: 60-76, ISSN: 0001-8686

Contact details

To contact NORMS, email Prof Matt Jackson: