11-15 February 2019

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  • Duration: 5 days
  • Fees:
    - per module £2000
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Module leaders

Jon Love, Dr Jonathan Lee, Prof Gary Montague

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Course aims

To develop an ability to build effective first principles dynamic models of items of process plant for analysis and control system design purposes.  The emphasis is on input-output relationships.  The intent is that it may be assumed, in other modules, that students understand how models of processes and plant are developed and so can concentrate on using them. 

Learning objectives

  • To introduce the methods and techniques of first principles modelling of plant and process dynamics. 
  • To develop a feel for the dynamics of a variety of process elements and systems. 
  • To understand the structure of plants and processes in terms of controlled, manipulated and disturbance variables. 
  • To appreciate the scope for making assumptions and approximations and to become aware of the limitations and usefulness of modelling. 
  • To further develop skills in the use of the Matlab and Simulink packages for dynamic simulation. 
  • To introduce dynamic modelling using packages such as Hysys.

Course structure

This module is of one week's full-time intensive study consisting of a variety of lectures, informal tutorials for problem solving and computer based lab sessions. The time allocation for practical work provides for simulation exercises making use of the Matlab and Simulink packages.  The exercises are structured to reinforce the material covered in the lectures and tutorials.