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    after 3 March 2017
    - 3 days £975 before 3 March 2017
                  £1075 after 3 March 2017
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bijanDR. BIJAN O. AALAMI, a Life Member of ASCE, is Professor Emeritus of San Francisco State University; Chartered Engineer; Legend, Fellow and Life Member of the Post-Tensioning Institute; and Founder and Principal of ADAPT Corporation, a structural engineering and concrete software development company in California, serving clients in over 70 countries. He is ACI recipient of the Design Award for application of advanced engineering to a notable concrete structure. He has published extensively on analysis and design of post-tensioned structures. A renowned educationalist, he has held courses on design of structural concrete and post-tensioning in over 35 countries worldwide. He is honorary member of the Argentine Structural Engineering Association, former Vice Chancellor and Professor at Arya Mehr (now Sharif) University.

DR. FLORIAN AALAMI is CEO of ADAPT Corporation, a structural engineering and software development company, specializing in analysis and design of concrete structures with extensive national and international activities. He is the winner of 2012 ACI Charles S. Whitney Medal for software used to design concrete structures. He received his PhD from Stanford University.  He is an active member of the PTI DC-110 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Committee.

ROBIN WHITTLE MA(Cantab), MICE, CEn spent five years of design and site experience with Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners working on large power stations, jetties and dams.  This was followed by four years design and development work with Dow Mac Concrete (precast concrete factory). Between 1968 and 2001 he provided specialist advice for reinforced, prestressed concrete and structural design within Arup Research and Development. Since then he has been a Consultant to the Arup Group Ltd. and the Concrete Centre.  He has been involved with the development of Eurocode 2 since the mid 1980s and was the Technical Secretary for the Project Team which produced the final versions of Part 1 and Part 1.2.  He is a member of the UK Structural Codes Committee for concrete and takes an active role in the development of handbooks and design aids. He was chairman of the working group that produced the second edition of The Concrete Society’s Technical Report No. 43: Post-tensioned concrete floors - Design Handbook.