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  • Duration: 2 days (plus 8 weeks online learning) 
  • Fees:
    - £395 per module
    - 10% discount for ICHNT staff
  • Venue: St Mary's Campus
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Dr Sarah Wakelin
Dr Sarah Wakelin is a Consultant dermatologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and former senior registrar in dermatology at the cutaneous allergy clinic, St John's Institute of Dermatology, London.

Her expertise is in Allergic skin diseases, Medical dermatology / systemic therapy, Acne.

Dr Catherine Hardman
Dr Catherine Hardman trained in paediatric and adult dermatology at St Mary's Hospital. She currently runs a combined multidisciplinary paediatric allergy/dermatology clinic with Dr Helen Cox (consultant paediatric allergist at St Mary's Hospital) for the treatment of children referred from the south of England with severe eczema in the context of allergy. Dr Hardman was a member of the panel for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, which wrote the national care pathway/guidelines for the management of eczema. She is also on the teaching board for the MSc in allergy at Imperial College, London.