Preface phone numbers by 020 759 (national) or 44 20 759 (international).

Academic staff


NameResearch areaPhone/OfficeEmail
Allen, Prof. P A Sedimentary Geology 47363/G24
Allison, Prof. P Palaeontology 46479/4.84
Bastow, Dr. I Geophysics 42974/ 247
Bell, Dr. R. E Tectonics 40903/3.55
Berry, Dr. A J Experimental Petrology
Bijeljic, Dr. B Petroleum Engineering 46420/2.53
Blumenfeld, Dr. R Porous Materials
Blunt, Prof. M Petroleum Engineering 46500/G30
Brandon, Prof. N Sustainable Development in Energy 45704/G26
Brito-Parada, Dr. P Mineral processing & fluid dynamics 49980/2.60
Cilliers, Prof. J J Minerals Processing 47360/2.38A
Collier, Dr. J S Geophysics 46443/4.46
Collins, Dr. G Impact Cratering 41518/4.83
Cosgrove, Prof. J Structural Geology 46466/2.34
Davies, Dr. R Geodynamics 45722/4.89
Davis, Dr. S Research Officer 46544/2.30
Day, Dr. E Senior Teaching Fellow/Admissions Tutor 46529/1.39
Dubrule, Prof. O Geostatistics 47198/2.34
Durucan, Prof. S Mining and Environmental Engineering 47354/1.36
Fitch, Dr. P Senior Teaching Fellow 49521/G29
Fraser, Prof. A Rifts and Rifted Margins 46530/G25
Genge, Dr. M J Meteoritics and Planetary Science 46499/
Goes, Dr. S Geodynamics 46434/2.37A
Gorman, Dr. G Computational Physics 49985/4.92
Gringarten, Prof. A Petroleum Engineering 47440/1.32
Gupta, Prof. S Sedimentology 46527/2.38C
Hadler, Dr. K Minerals Processing 47198/ 2.59
Halsall, Dr. C  Senior Teaching Fellow    
Hampson, Dr. G Sedimentary Geology 46475/1.38


NameResearch areaPhone/OfficeEmail
Jackson, Prof. C A Interpretation & Basin Analysis 47450/2.36B
Jackson, Prof. M D Geological Fluid Mechanics 46538/1.34
John, Dr. C M Carbonate Sedimentology 46461/2.47 uk
Johnson, Prof. H D Petroleum Geology 46450/1.42 uk
King, Prof. P R Petroleum Engineering 47362/1.40
Korre, Prof. A Environmental Engineering 47372/1.41
Kounaves, Prof. S
Krevor, Dr. S Clean Fossil Fuels /1.43
Latham, Dr. J-P Geomaterials 47327/1.35
Laurent, Dr V Geodynamic and Earth Physics /2.37B
Liu, Dr. J G Remote Sensing 46418/1.45
Lonergan, Dr. L Basins and Structures 46465/2.31A l.lonergan@imperi
Mason, Dr. P Remote Sensing 46528
Morgan, Prof. J V Geophysics 46423/2.38B
Muggeridge, Prof. A J Petroleum Engineering 47379/4.51
Muxworthy, Dr. A Palaeo-, Environmental and Rock Magnetism 46442/4.48
Neethling, Dr. S Minerals Processing & Fluid Dynamics 49341/2.35
Neumaier, Dr. M
Pain, Prof. C C Computational Physics 49322/3.48
Passmore, Dr. E Senior Teaching Fellow/Senior Tutor 46429/1.37
Perry, Dr. R S Planetary Science 46425
Piggott, Dr. M Computational Physics 46396/4.82
Prytulak, Dr. J Isotope Geochemistry and Igneous Petrology  46474/ 2.55
Rehkamper, Prof. M Isotope Geochemistry 46391/4.50
Roberts, Dr. G Tectonics 47363/2.39
Rood, Dr. D Tectonics 47461/4.43


NameResearch areaPhone/OfficeEmail
Sephton, Prof. M Organic Geochemistry & Meteoritics 46542/1.44
Sutton, Dr. M Palaeontology 47487/G25
Van de Flierdt, Dr. T Isotope Geochemistry 41290/4.45
Vesovic, Prof. V Transport Phenomena & Petroleum Engineering 47352/2.33
Wang, Prof. Y Reservoir Geophysics 41171/2.40
Warner, Prof. M R Geophysics 46535/1.46C
Weiss, Prof. D J Environmental Geochemistry 46383/4.47
Whittaker, Dr. A Tectonic Geomorphology & Fluvial Sedimentology 47491/3.51
Wilkinson, Dr. J Geochemistry, Mineral Deposits 46415/2.41
Wilson, Dr. D J Senior Teaching Fellow 46463/1.37
Woods, Prof. J Oceanography, Complex Systems 47414/3.51
Zimmerman, Prof. R W Rock Mechanics 47412/2.38D