The Department of Earth Science and Engineering and Imperial College London maintain some of the finest facilities for advanced geoscience and computational study in the world, including:

  • extensive computing capabilities
  • the world-class College library
  • large collections of subsurface data from around the world.

We train students with industry-standard software, hardware and data. On campus, most taught modules involve teaching in a state-of-the-art MSc classroom. This major facility is the result of over £1 million of investment in classroom refurbishment, computer hardware, software, visualisation equipment, printing, scanning and networking. The facility has a network of high-spec, twin-screened PCs equipped with a full suite of industry-standard software, including Petrel (seismic interpretation and reservoir modelling), Interactive Petrophysics (petrophysics and log interpretation), PetroMod (petroleum systems modelling) and Crystal Ball (geostatistics and uncertainty analysis).

 The MSc course utilises many datasets that have been donated by industry, particularly for project work; students are trained using real world data to solve real world problems.