President: Elizaveta Poliakova  

Elizaveta PoliakovaWelcome to the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter! I am delighted to introduce you to our committee members for the 2018-2019 academic year. My name is Elizaveta Poliakova and I am the President of SPE Imperial. 

Before joining Imperial College London for my M.Sc., I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Leeds. I completed two summer internships at Procter & Gamble and also worked as a post-doctoral research assistant. I started my involvement with the SPE Student Community at SPE Leeds’ Chapter in 2015 as a First Year Representative. In 2016, I became a Communications Officer and was elected as President soon after – all within the same chapter. 

To achieve the SPE’s Mission, our chapter encourages networking and promotes the sharing of Petroleum Industry related knowledge amongst students through corporate visits, external lectures, careers forums and social events. 

Every May our Chapter organises the main event of the year – the SPE Imperial International Fieldtrip. The aims of this trip are to collaborate with Oil & Gas companies in selected countries, visit world-leading research centres, increase knowledge of different cultures and discover and learn about opportunities to work abroad. Previous destinations have included Egypt, Brazil, Malaysia, Iran, UAE to name but a few. 

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved within our student activities including our members, supervisors and sponsors. If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved with the SPE Imperial Student Chapter, please get in touch with one of our committee members. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please feel free to contact me: ep4318[at]

Vice-President: Orlando Reis Neto 

Orlando Reis NetoI am very pleased to serve as the Vice-President of the SPE Imperial College Chapter during the 2018-2019 academic year and contribute to the SPE's mission of promoting technical knowledge sharing and professional networking.

 In addition to assisting Elizaveta in overseeing the activities of the Imperial Chapter, I am focused on organizing technical talks, company visits and knowledge sharing events as an effort to minimize the gap between students and the industry.

 Prior to joining the Petroleum Engineering MSc at Imperial, I worked for 11 years in the Oil & Gas industry with Schlumberger, during which I was based in 5 different countries and had roles in petrophysics, wireline operations, and in engineering projects helping to develop next-generation wireline tools.

 I would like to thank all those who support and contribute to our Chapter.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions:


Treasurer: Nathan Gillett

Nathan GillettI am delighted to introduce myself as the Treasurer of the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter for 2018/19. My responsibilities include managing the Chapter’s finances and budget, organising events and raising funds for the annual SPE International Fieldtrip.

Prior to joining the Petroleum Engineering MSc at Imperial, I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lancaster. Subsequently, I was fortunate to have been awarded an EOSG Scholarship by the Petroleum Affairs Division of Ireland’s Department of Energy. This supports my academic studies at Imperial and is a fantastic resource for conducting research for my thesis on prospects in the North Atlantic Margin.

My main objective for the year is to make the SPE international field trip as accessible and affordable as possible to all our members by raising significant sponsorship funding from host companies and petroleum industry societies.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at nathaniel.gillett18[at] We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who would like to deliver a talk to SPE members and academic staff at Imperial.

Membership Chairperson: Elmorsy Mahmoud

Elmorsy MahmoudI am excited to have been elected as Membership Officer of the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter.

 My role is to increase the engagement and participation of our members with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and to support collaboration with other SPE Student Chapters.

 Prior to joining the Petroleum Engineering M.Sc. at Imperial College, I completed an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering at Cairo University. After graduating, I worked for two years as a reservoir engineer at the IPR Energy Group and participated in numerous reservoir studies covering 4 countries in 2 continents.

 Please feel free to contact me at mm1018[at]    


Communications Chairperson: Mohamed Al Mahdy

Mohamed Al MahdyIt is my pleasure to be elected as Web Officer of the SPE Imperial College Student Chapter this year. My responsibilities involve managing the formation and publication of significant, innovative and high-quality content on several social media websites. With my understanding of SEO and web traffic metrics, my role focuses on constructing a consistent publishing schedule to ensure that the public are up to date about all events, talks and socials carried out through the year.

I was previously a member of the SPE University of Aberdeen Student Chapter, where I supported the committee at various events. I was also a member of SPE AUC Student Chapter. The skills that I realized through my contributions to both chapters boosted my drive to be part of one of the biggest SPE chapters around the world. Apart from this, I have been involved in more than ten diverse societies throughout my career. I firmly believe that extra-curricular activities are a central pillar in enriching one’s personal skills, positive mind set and networking. I will ensure that my work throughout this year is delivered to a standard that aid our Chapter’s success.

Before starting my MSc degree, I attained a BEng degree in Petroleum Engineering with honours from the University of Aberdeen. I also had the chance to complete six different internships with oil and gas companies; these included owner, service and joint venture companies.  My last relevant internship was at Halliburton; where I surveyed diverse MWD and LWD tools whilst understanding their utility, investigated the electrical and mechanical composition of the new rotary steerable system (Geo-Pilot). I also formulated hydraulic fracking fluid in the Production Enhancement Lab; this involved using proppant, cross linkers and breakers. Internships aided my practical comprehension of different petroleum engineering concepts, which is important in developing skills that support my academic studies.

Please contact me on:[at]

Social Activities Chair: Whitney Anunwa

Whitney AnunwaI am profoundly pleased to be the present Social Secretary of the SPE Imperial Student Chapter and a Petroleum Engineering MSc Student at the Department of Earth Science and Engineering Imperial College London.

Prior to joining Imperial, I graduated with a BEng in Petroleum Engineering from University of Leeds and was markedly engaged with research as well as SPE activities in different subgroups at the university. As the Social Secretary of the SPE Imperial Chapter, I ensure adequate, timely and efficient documentation of proceedings and presentation of minutes of meetings. Planning and executing social activities of the Chapter and promoting SPE membership by diligently promoting company support with the president and other committee members. I work closely with the committee as a team player towards developing our great Chapter with the support of our members.

My vast interactions with professionals from diverse disciplines while executing intellectually and socially challenging projects (like collaborating with Ionix Advanced Technologies, Captrol Aberdeen Scotland and being a consortium Leader of a group of eight creating a Field Development Plan (FDP) for the production of hydrocarbons in a North Sea Oilfield) have equipped me with the required technical and social skills to be able to uphold the core values of SPE which will in no small measure help us achieve a successful International Fieldtrip, our flagship event of the year.

I trust that my further exposure and experience at Imperial College and it’s SPE Chapter will advance my intellectual and social objectives both individually and collectively.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to reach me at: Whitneyanunwa[at]

Field Trip Coordinator: Clémence Manhes

Clémence ManhesI am honoured to occupy the role of Field Trip Coordinator within the SPE Imperial Chapter Committee of 2018-2019. My key mission is to provide a unique, exciting and affordable SPE International Fieldtrip to the MSc Petroleum Engineering class in line with the SPE vision of meeting the expectations of members.  

My academic background is in both Geology and Engineering, with a specialisation in Reservoir Engineering with which I graduated from ENSG in Nancy, France, with a MSc degree. My sponsorship from Total gave me the great opportunity to reinforce my knowledge of Petroleum Engineering at the prestigious university of Imperial College London. Throughout my studies I also enrolled myself in the associative sector and successfully participated in the organisation of social and humanitarian projects. These experiences combined with my interest in the oil & gas industry are my main motivations that are guiding me through the organisation of the International Fieldtrip.

Specifically, my responsibilities include raising funds through the establishment of sponsorships with companies, planning educational activities (such as visits to regional oil & gas companies’ offices and facilities), developing social links between students in addition to an international professional network.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via: cm3418[at]

PhD Officer: Tai Irfan

Tai IrfanBeing a previous student of the MSc Petroleum Engineering course at Imperial College London, I am delighted to now be serving as the PhD Officer in the Imperial College Student Chapter.

Prior to my MSc in Petroleum Engineering, I was an undergraduate at the University of Manchester where I studied an BEng in Petroleum Engineering. This degree nurtured my interest in geoscience and engineering. Having been an active member of the SPE throughout my degree, I personally understand the importance that networking and collaboration between industry and academia has in shaping your future career. Currently, I am undertaking a PhD as part of the universities Fluid Dynamics CDT in collaboration with Schlumberger. The emphasis of my research is on the upscaling of polymer enhanced oil recovery.

My role involves assisting other committee members in developing and coordinating collaborations with both professional and academic institutions, as well as continuing our strong partnerships with the global Oil and Gas industry. I trust that my previous experience on the MSc Petroleum Engineering course as well as my experience and relationship with Schlumberger will aid the student chapter to achieve their goals as well as being a great learning experience for me. 

On behalf of the Imperial College SPE Student Chapter, I would like to personally thank all those for their continued support to our Chapter and share a warm welcome to all those who wish to get involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on: Irfan.tai16[at]