The SPE student chapter holds many events in order to improve the well-being and morale of the students. London has a wide array of possibilities for social events. As such, we intend to make the most of it.

BP mentoring event-18/01/2017

SPE Imperial College London successfully invite BP to organize the first BP Mentoring Event for students. This event is open to all Imperial MSc Petroleum Engineering and PhD students and takes place in 1.31 from 6:00pm onwards. Rudolf Umla, a BP Reservoir Engineer with an Imperial College PhD in Petroleum Engineering will be leading this initiative and has kindly attached a few documents summarizing the benefits of the scheme. Rudolf wishes started the event off with a case study about the major North Sea oil field Schiehallion followed by an informal Q&A discussion with Rudolf and his BP colleagues.

This event is not only a fantastic networking opportunity for students, but also an opportunity to gain more invaluable insights into a career within the Petroleum Industry,  get support for technical questions related to MSc / PhD thesis, and even receive job applications tips, all in a more relaxed and informal setting.



Lecture: Sustainability Challenges and Leadership Opportunities-20/01/2017

Lecture on sustainability

We successfully organized the lecture-Sustainability Challenges and Leadership Opportunities, given by Dr.D.Nathan Meeha, 2016 President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, senior executive adviser at Baker Hughes, advising executive management on reservoir and geoscience issues. More than 40 students came to join this event and learned knowledge.

 SPE Imperial College Student chapter and AAPG Imperial College Student host the event –women in industry.

Women in industry

The event includes presentations from the following 3 speakers: 

Speakers: Noémie Pernin, QI Geophysicist at PGS, Dr. Ann Muggeridge, TOTAL professor in Reservoir Physics and EOR at Imperial College London & Dr. Liz Jolley,VP of Geoscience at BP's Sunbury offices. The lecture hopes to help women develop better in petroleum industry and received great welcome by students. More than 50 students joined the event.



 International buffet-31/01/2017

International Buffet

On 31st of January 2017, Imperial College London SPE student chapter organized the International Buffet that serves to appreciate different cultures and enhance integration of friendships.

Everyone came with their cooking food or bringing food and drinks from their home country.There would be music and a few food test games. This was an opportunity for students to relax and learn different culture. 




PaintballingpaintballingWe invited members of SPE Imperial College to go paintballing to ease off the stress of the semester and relax in preparation for intense work to come.

This was our first social gathering in this semester also a great opportunity to know our new classmates better