The Centre for Petroleum Studies is a focus for research, postgraduate teaching and professional development within the framework of petroleum science and engineering at Imperial College. Its main objectives are to facilitate multi-disciplinary research between geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers and members of other key disciplines in order to advance the state of the art in exploration, appraisal, development and reservoir management, and to plan and implement related postgraduate teaching programmes which reflect current best practice within the petroleum industry.

The Centre has one of the largest concentrations of petroleum scientists and engineers in a UK academic institution, with over 40 members of staff providing research expertise across the complete exploration- production spectrum.


Research is mostly carried out within the Department of Earth Science and Engineering in cooperation with research groups in other science and engineering departments in the College.

Research expertise includes: seismic data processing and imaging; seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphy; sedimentary petrology; regional tectonics and basin analysis; clastic deposition and reservoir systems; reservoir characterisation, petrophysics; petroleum geomechanics; reservoir physics; well test analysis; stochastic modelling; numerical simulation; reservoir engineering; multiphase flow; process engineering and environmental engineering. Funding is largely obtained from industry, the Research Councils, the Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology (CMPT) and the European Commission.


MSc courses in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience are currently offered.

Further information can be obtained from Professor Alain Gringarten, Director of the Centre for Petroleum Studies (Telephone: 020 7594 7440).


Petroleum Engineering & Rock Mechanics Research Group PERM - Petroleum Engineering & Rock Mechanics Group