Jenny Collier's Research Page: Crustal Structure

OBSI am a marine geophysicist who analyses seismic, magnetic and graviy data to determine the structure of the crust and upper mantle in a variety of settings. The aim of this research is to understand the relationship between magmatism and tectonics.


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Research projects

Mid-Ocean Ridges

Ocean Islands

Passive Margins

Subduction Zones

PhD students

  • Rupert Dalwood (graduated)
  • Victoria Sansom (graduated)
  • Chris Lane (graduated)
  • James Hammond (graduated)
  • Chandra Taposeea (graduated)
  • Carl McDermott
  • Rob Allen

Post-doctoral researchers

  • John Armitage
  • James Hammond
  • Richard Davy

External collaborators

  • Helene Carton (Lamont)
  • Tim Henstock (Southampton)
  • Mike Kendall (Bristol)
  • Tim Minshull (Southampton)
  • Andreas Rietbrock (Liverpool)
  • Satish Singh (IPG, Paris)
  • Tony Watts (Oxford)
  • Bob Whitmarsh (NOC)


I am grateful to the following bodies for funding this work:

NERC, EU, Royal Society, BP, ION-GX