Mid-Ocean Ridge Magma Chambers

Full waveform inversion was performed on multi-channel seismic reflection data collected along the northern and southern East Pacific Rise. The accurate velocity structure obtained confirmed the presence of a thin (<50 m thick) molten sill beneath the ridge axis. Along axis variations of the molten state of the magma on a few-tens of kilometre scale were detected. These results help our understanding of how melt is delivered from the mantle, the eruption history of mid-ocean ridges and the process of oceanic crustal accretion.

Magma chambersCartoon of along-axis segmentation of magma chamber beneath the southern East Pacific Rise (above) from partial-aperture stacks of large-offset seismic reflection data (below). 
(From Singh et al., 1998)

This research was completed under the BRIDGE programme of NERC


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Satish Singh (IPG,Paris)