Palaeomagnetic facilities

A Princeton Measurements dual-head AGM/VSM with furnacePrinceton Measurements dual-head AGM/VSM with furnace


Orion 3-axis vibrating sample magnetometerOrion 3-axis vibrating sample magnetometer
Temp: 0-700°C
Field: <100 nT to 0.5 mT
Noise 0.5x10-9 Am2


AGICO JR5A spinner magnetometerAGICO JR5A spinner magnetometer
(inside dynamic Helmholtz cage)


Two ASC Scientific Palaeomagnetic Ovens with field coilsTwo ASC Scientific  Palaeomagnetic Ovens with field coils


Petersen Instruments Variable Field Translation Balance (VFTB)Petersen Instruments Variable Field Translation Balance (VFTB)


Automated Magnon Variable Frequency Susceptibility Meter (VFSM)Automated Magnon Variable Frequency Susceptibility Meter (VFSM)


Automated susceptibility core-logger using a Bartington MS2C s usceptibility sensorAutomated susceptibility core-logger using a Bartington MS2C s usceptibility sensor


D-2000 High-Performance AF Demagnetizer (ASC Scientific)D-2000 High-Performance AF Demagnetizer (ASC Scientific)


Molspin Tumbling AF DemagnetizerMolspin Tumbling AF Demagnetizer


ASC Scientific Pulse MagnetizerASC Scientific Pulse Magnetizer


Molspin Minispin Molspin Minispin