21st Anniversary Pore-Scale Imaging and Modelling Meeting


Thursday 14th January 2021
Online meeting 



9:00am   Martin Blunt  –  Welcome and introduction

9:10am   Lewis (Qingyang) Lin  –  An overview of iSCAL: imaging and analysis

9:40am   Martin Blunt  –  Energy balance and topology to determine wettability

10:20am  Abdulla Alhosani – Pore-scale imaging and analysis of three-phase flow: impact of wettability and miscibility

11:00am  Yihuai Zhang  –  Dynamic effects in two-phase flow

11:30am  Ahmed Selem – Pore-scale imaging of controlled salinity waterflooding

Break from 12 noon – 1:00pm

1:00pm   Takashi Akai  –  Lattice Boltzmann simulations of pore-scale flow and the effects of wettability

1:40pm   Ali Raeini  –  Multi-scale modelling of resistivity index in laminated sandstones

2:10pm   Luke Giudici  –  The generalized network model

2:40pm   Sajjad Foroughi  –  Calibrated models to predict pore-scale displacement

3:10pm   Rodolfo de Oliveira – Modelling of rock dissolution by CTRW - validation and the impact of physical and chemical heterogeneity

4:00pm  Discussion and close


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