Shuttle bus

Need to dash to other campuses?

College members can catch the free Imperial campus shuttle bus.

Updates to service (COVID-19)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, only red route operations will run until the end of Friday 20 March.

All shuttle bus services after this point will unfortunately be suspended. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Download the 2019/20 timetable [PDF]

Imperial Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus service is available for Imperial students and staff, providing free transport between the South Kensington, White City and Hammersmith campuses on weekdays. Each coach offers free WiFi available on board.

Pick-up points

South Kensington: Outside the Central Library on Imperial College Road - see Map of South Kensington Campus‌ 
White City: At the White City North car park -  see Maps of White City campus and its vicinity 
Hammersmith: Outside the Burlington Danes Building - see Map of Hammersmith Campus‌ 

Travel timings are approximate.  Although drivers do their best to adhere to published timetables, London traffic is frequently subject to delays and disruption, your understanding will be appreciated. 

Shuttle Bus timetable - 2019/20

East-West route

 When does it run?South Kensington departure time
White City departure
Hammersmith arrival time
Term time only  08.15  08.45  08.50
Term time and vacation  09.15  09.45  09.50
Term time only  10.15  10.45  10.50
Term time and vacation  11.15  11.45  11.50
Term time only  12.15  12.45  12.50
Term time and vacation   13.15  13.45  13.50
Term time only  14.15  14.45  14.50
Term time and vacation  15.15  15.45  15.50
Term time only  16.15  16.45  16.50
Term time and vacation  17.15  17.45 (arrives)  _
Term time only  17.35  18.05 (arrives)  _
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West-East route

 When does it run?Hammersmith departure timeWhite City departure timeSouth Kensington arrival time
Term time and vacation  08.00  08.10  08.35
Term time only  08.55  09.05  09.30
Term time and vacation  10.00  10.10  10.35
Term time only  10.55  11.05  11.30
Term time and vacation  12.00  12.10  12.35
Term time only  12.55  13.05  13.30
Term time and vacation  14.00  14.10  14.35
Term time only  14.55  15.05  15.30
Term time and vacation  16.00  16.10  16.35
Term time only  16.55  17.05  17.30
Term time and vacation  –  17.55  18.20
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Conditions of Travel

Conditions of Travel

  • All passengers must have a valid student or staff College ID card in order to travel on the shuttle bus service.
  • Seats are available on a first-come first-served basis; the seating capacity cannot be exceeded.
  • No standing. 
  • On some services a number of seats will be taken by a pre booking agreement with Head of Department. Please do not use these seats until the driver makes them available.
  • Chemistry TA’s must make themselves known to the driver as soon as possible and must present their Priority Pass stamped by the Head of Department to the driver.
  • The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle.  Do not talk to or distract the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  • There is a no-smoking policy on all College and Commonwealth Coaches vehicles.
  • The services will only terminate at South Kensington and Hammersmith, passengers will be asked to leave the vehicle at these points.
  • Passengers are not allowed to remain on the vehicle without a driver being present.
  • Dropping off points and pick up points are at the designated bus stops only (see above).
  • The consumption of food and alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not litter. Notices or flyers and display posters are not allowed on the coaches.
  • Do not play loud music - please use headphones and show consideration for other passengers
  • The service being offered is a passenger carrying service only, however transportation of chemistry and biological substances category B samples must comply with the 'Transport of Samples on the College Shuttle Bus' guidance.

Examples of what can be carried in the coach cabin 

  • small rucksuck 
  • handbags 
  • small sports bag 
  • small sports holdall 
  • brief cases
  • tennis rackets placed in the overhead areas
  • hockey sticks placed in the overhead areas
  • a small case that can sit on your lap 

Items that must not be put into the coach cabin 

These types of items, goods or equipment are not permitted on the coaches, such items can be sent in the internal mail via the post room or couriers. 

  • suitcases*
  • PCs and TV monitors
  • prams/buggies
  • building materials and tools
  • office materials e.g. boxes of paper 
  • skateboards
  • scooters
  • fold-up bikes
  • trolleys
  • bags of shopping 
  • boxes of food and drink
  • large musical instruments*
  • glass objects

*The driver may allow suitcases and muscial istruments to be placed in the luggage compartments of the coach but this is at the Driver's discretion and whether the journey time allows for loading and unloading of these items. All items going in the luggage hold are left at the owner's risk.