UG Students studying Medicine or the Biomedical science courses in the Faculty of Medicine should apply to the Faculty Hardship Fund before applying to the Student Support Fund. Information on how to apply to this fund is available via MedLearn.

Students may apply for financial assistance towards conference costs from the Imperial College Trust Fund.

Student Support Fund Application 2020-21Student Global Relief FundLaptop Support Fund Application 2020-21

We understand that this is a challenging time for our student community due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). This page provides information about the College’s Student Support Fund which has now been expanded with the support from COVID-19 hardship funds provided by College.

There are many impacts on students’ financial situations currently, due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. Some of these include (not an exhaustive list):
•    Loss of earnings
•    Loss of family support
•    Having to fly to home countries, not covered by repatriation flights
•    Rent arrears
•    Loss of external scholarship funding, or extended periods of study not covered by external scholarship funding
•    Visa (extension) costs due to programme extensions
•    Additional equipment to access remote study such as a laptop (separate guidance and application form below)
You may of course be experiencing other financial pressures not included above.

The Student Support Fund can only assist students demonstrating a financial need. The aim of the fund is to help current students who face unexpected financial hardship with their cost of living and excludes any support towards tuition fees or (new) visas.

You are expected to demonstrate that you have made realistic financial provision and have an appropriate level of funding in place before you start your studies. The Fund is to be used when there are no further financial avenues available to you. Students must demonstrate that they have utilised all funding available to them (e.g. Undergraduate government maintenance loans or Postgraduate Loan for Master’s study). We reserve the right to reject an application when there has been no attempt to make a reasonable provision.

All applicants will be assessed by a single mechanism to ensure transparency and fairness. The assessment mechanism is based on a set of values associated with the Cost of Living in London (CLL). The CLL framework is intended to identify the cost students would normally have during their studies.

Once you have read the guidance below, including documentation required, apply online by clicking on the button at the side of this page.

Value of awards

Laptop Support Fund

To assist students who do not have the means to acquire a Laptop to access online study materials and classes; we are making available funds to assist students with the cost of purchasing a basic laptop. Here is the link to the Laptop Support Fund application form.

Please note that there is a brief financial assessment used to determine financial need before funds are awarded. The application will also require you to make contact with your academic department as we require confirmation and authorisation from your department to process your application for a grant from the Laptop Support Fund.

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide the Name, title and email address of the department contact you discussed this application with. We will than send an email to your department contact to confirm and authorise the assessment of your Laptop Support Fund application.

Please note we are unable to complete the assessment of your application unless we receive this require authorisation from your department.

What is the Student Support Fund?

The Student Support Fund is a discretional hardship fund, funded by the College alongside generous donations from our students, staff, alumni and other supporters. Additionally, support has been made available from the College’s COVID-19 hardship funds. The aim of the fund is to help current students who face unexpected financial hardship with their cost of living and excludes any support towards tuition fees or (new) visas. All students are able to apply.

All applicants will be assessed by a single mechanism to ensure transparency and fairness. The assessment mechanism is based on a set of values associated with the Cost of Living in London (CLL). The CLL framework is intended to identify the cost students would normally have during their studies.

Value of awards


A grant does not need to be paid back. The value of these can be up to £4,000 and on average we award £875. Awards are based on what we can see that you need to ensure you can pay for your rent and food. In certain situations where it may not be appropriate to award a grant. We will however always consider whether an emergency loan may be available alternatively.


You can apply for a loan, or we may offer you a loan instead of a grant, if you are experiencing cash- flows issues which will need to be paid back. The value of our loans are up to £4,000 and are interest free, you will need to demonstrate how you will repay in your application.


If your application is successful we will ask you to accept the value of the award and any associated conditions before we process the payment to the bank account stated on your application form.
• Payments will usually take between 2 and 5 working days to reach your bank account.
• In cases where the funding is needed urgently a same day payment can be arranged.


All registered Imperial College London students are able to apply.

Awards are not usually made within the first term of the academic year or

  • if there is funding available in your own Faculty or
  • if you are on an Interruption of Studies
  • if you are in the Writing Up stage of your PhD.

However, if you feel you have mitigating circumstances you are welcome to apply.


Assessment of your application

All students have different levels of income and expenditure. We will apply a cap (based on the Cost of Living in London values) for all general living and household costs, such as rent, food, travel and utility bills. This will enable us to ensure that the Fund does not reward lifestyle choices.

As part of the assessment of your application, we will consider any information provided through your supporting statement alongside a financial surplus/shortfall calculation. We will assess each application on its own merit.

Students who have children and require financial support with their childcare will be assessed in the same way.  If assessed to be in significant financial need, you may be eligible for up to £4,000 of support towards childcare arrangements in addition to any grant, but not exceeding any financial shortfall. Such applications will be assessed on an ad hoc basis and evidence of formal childcare arrangements will be required.

Applications are closely examined by two administrators who may also ask to meet with you in person to discuss your application. The administrator will make an initial assessment and recommend action based on their findings to a senior member of the Student Financial Support team who will review the recommendation and make a formal decision on the application.

We aim to have an outcome of your assessment within 10 working days providing all the relevant documentation has been provided.

Documents required and what we use them for

  • Most recent 3 months bank statement. This includes statements for ALL of your accounts, including non- UK and savings accounts. We use this to confirm your current bank balance and to assess your spending habits.
  • Pay slips if applicable so we can confirm your income
  • Scholarship and/ or loan confirmation so we can confirm the terms of this income
  • Proof of outstanding debts like a credit card statement so we can confirm your expenditure.
  • Household utility bills so we can confirm your expenditure
  • Accommodation tenancy agreement so we can confirm your expenditure and your living arrangements, including evidence of housing benefits if applicable.
  • An email from your personal tutor supporting your application. They will need to confirm your attendance and that you are performing well academically.
  • If you are living with your partner you will also need to send us their bank statements and confirmation of any financial commitments
  • If you are apply for assistance due to childcare costs we will need to see your child’s birth certificates and confirmation of their nursery costs or any child tax credits or maintenance payments.
  • In addition you may send us any other documentation which you feel may support your case such as a doctor’s letter or bailiff’s letter.

We accept scanned copies of these documents which are kept securely. If you send us hardcopies you can collect these from the Student Hub or we will destroy these once they are no longer needed using our confidential waste disposal. 

We cannot accept exported bank statements for Audit purposes, as these are editable and can be amended. Applicants can be asked to provide their bank statements as print screens as long as the transactions follow on from each other.

We reserve the right to request further documentation not listed here in order to  carry out a full assessment.

How to calculate your income

Below is an example of the income table you will need to be complete.

Example: If you are in receipt of a £4,000 Imperial Bursary you will enter this as below:

Summary of the table's contents
IncomeWeekly          (£)Annual    (£)       39 or 52 weeks
 Bursary / stipend    £102.56   £4,000
 Parental Contribution    
 Part-time work    
 Partner’s income    
Other (specify)    
Summary of the table's contents


How to calculate your expenditure

Below is an example of the expenditure table you will need to complete.

Example: If you pay 30 per month for your mobile phone you will enter this as per the formula below:

(Monthly bill x 12 months) / 52 weeks in a year x 39 or 52 weeks duration of course.

(30 x 12) / 52 x 39

Summary of the table's contents
ExpenditureCost of living in London            (£)Annual        (£)    39 or 52 weeks
 Accommodation    179  
 Food and utilities  50  
 Personal and leisure (e.g. telephone, clothing, etc.)  40  1,560 or 2,080
 Study related travel  28.80  
 Other course-related expenses    
 Outstanding debts / repayments    
 Other costs (specify)    
Total 298  
Summary of the table's contents

How to contact us

We are always available to discuss your situation confidentially and assist with completing the application form.  Please contact us by email at if you have any further questions.

You can appeal decisions by writing to, who will consider your original application alongside any additional information you provide.