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Imperial College London announces new in perpetuity engineering scholarship for Bulgarian students

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The Kolio Ficheto Bulgarian Engineering Scholarship will provide full funding for an excpetional Bulgarian student to study engineering - News

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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Imperial is seeking to attract Bulgaria’s brightest engineering undergraduates, as it announces its first scholarship for Bulgarian students. The scholarship, which has been established in perpetuity, is targeted at Bulgarian school pupils from lower income families, who attend state schools.

The Faculty has been home to major discoveries including Professor Eric Laithwaite’s pioneering research on the development of Maglev (Magnetic Levitated) trains. Its alumni were involved in the development of stereo sound and the design and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Faculty counts senior engineers at all of the leading Formula 1 teams among its alumni, as well as the Chief Executive of Pfizer and the director of Europe’s largest financial hedge-fund.

The Rector, Sir Keith O’Nions, said:

 “We are delighted to be providing for the first time a scholarship specifically for the brightest Bulgarian engineering talent. This is a wonderful chance for Bulgarian students to learn from some of the world’s leading engineering academics at no cost to them or their family.

 Our Bulgarian scholars will be following in the footsteps of Imperial engineering graduates who go on to work at the very top of their field, whether that area of engineering is related to energy, medicine, transport or communications.”

 Current student Deyan Ulevinov, from Pleven, who is reading Computing at Imperial said: “Imperial College London is a fantastic place to study, learning from world-class academics in state of the art facilities. The campus is in the heart of London, you learn alongside students from all over the world and the career opportunities after graduation are great. I have been involved in setting up Imperial’s first Bulgarian Society, and look forward to welcoming more Bulgarian students next year.” 

 About the scholarship

The Kolio Ficheto Bulgarian Engineering Scholarship, named in honour of the renowned 19th century Bulgarian master builder, will provide full funding for a single student of exceptional ability to study engineering at Imperial College LondonThe student will receive £19,000 each year from October 2012 (around 42,000 BGN Lev), which will cover their tuition fees and provide them with a grant for accommodation and living costs. It is available for students to study a three or four-year course within the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Computing, as well as for students to study the interdepartmental course Maths and Computing.

The scholarship is only available to Bulgarian nationals from state-run schools in Bulgaria whose household income is less than 55,000 BGN Lev. The scholarship requires applicants to have averaged at least a 5.9 in their Diploma za Zavurcheno Sredno Obrazovanie. The College will therefore specifically be seeking the best students from maths gymnasia schools across Bulgaria, and will be sponsoring national maths and physics competitions to help raise awareness of the new scholarship. The new scholarship will remain in place in perpetuity, so that successive Bulgarian students will be able to benefit from a world-class education at the College.

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The Kolio Ficheto Bulgarian Engineering Scholarship

 The Kolio Ficheto Bulgarian Engineering Scholarship is available for students to study a three or four-year course within the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Computing. Successful applicants must be able to speak and read English competently. It is open only to Bulgarian nationals who are currently studying at state-run schools in Bulgaria. Proof of household income and of enrolment at a state-run school will be required.

The departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Computing are participating in the scholarship programme. They are also inviting applications from those who meet the College’s entry requirements for Bulgarian students for general admission but which are not supported by the scholarship.

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