Congratulations to Our Recent PhD Graduates


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We are proud to announce the notable accomplishment of our latest PhD graduates who have successfully passed their doctoral dissertations and vivas.

Congratulations to:

PhD Graduate


   Thesis Title

 Syed Ali

Professor Guang-Zhong Yang   

 Behaviour Profiling Using Wearable Sensors for Pervasive Healthcare

 Peter Collingbourne

Professor Nobuko Yoshida  

 Symbolic Crosschecking of Data-Parallel Floating Point Code

 Angelos Georghiou

Professor Berc Rustem 

 The Decision Rule Approach to Optimisation under Uncertainty: Theory and Applications

 Khilan Gudka

Professor Susan Eisenbach  

 Lock Inference for Java

 Michalis Kapsos

Dr Daniel Kuhn  

 Robust Portfolio Optimisation using Risk Measures and Applications

 Adrien Le Masle

Professor Wayne Luk   

 Reconfigurable Architectures for Cryptographic Systems

 Paula Martins Da Silva Rocha

Dr Daniel Kuhn  

 Medium-Term Planning in Deregulated Energy Markets with Decision Rules

 Foivi Vayanos


Dr Daniel Kuhn

 Decision Rule Approximations for Dynamic Optimization under Uncertainty

 Felipe Franciosi

Dr William Knottenbelt

 Data Management Strategies for Relative Quality of Service in Virtualised Storage Systems

Timothy Leung

Dr William Knottenbelt

Internet Auction Processes and Mechanisms

Ioannis Papagiannis

DR Peter Pietzuch 

Practical and efficient runtime taint tracking

James Patterson

Professor Guang-Zhong Yang

A Photoplethysmography System Optimised for Pervasive Cardiac Monitoring

Reuben Rowe

Dr Steffen Van Bakel  

Semantic Types for Class-based Objects

 Jaeseung Song

DR Peter Pietzuch

 SymbexNet: Checking Network Protocol Implementations using Symbolic Execution


Royston Ingram

Royston Ingram
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