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Custom Computing Research Group becomes a founding member of OpenSPL consortium.


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The Open Spatial Programming Language consortium has announced a new programming standard "OpenSPL". DoC will become one of its founding members.

OpenSPL is being announced at the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit in London. CME, Juniper, Chevron and Maxeler are forming the founding team of companies to drive OpenSPL in their respective markets. Founding academic members will be ourselves here at Imperial College led by Professor Wayne Luk and his Custom Computing Research Group, Stanford University,Tsinghua University in Beijing and the University of Tokyo.

The OpenSPL consortium has announced the first OpenSPL Summer School in July 2014 will be held here at Imperial College London. The Summer School will bring together researchers, students, and members of OpenSPL to share experiences, application development, and continue to develop the science behind computing in space.

OpenSPL is an open standard for a novel Spatial Programming Language, based on the core concept that a program executes in space, rather than in time sequence. Application dataflow is laid out in space on a chip and every operation executes in parallel. This revolutionary view of computing offers dramatic increases in performance, performance/Watt and performance/cubic foot compared to conventional instruction-processor machines. By providing deterministic throughput and latency at low power, spatial computing enables the next generation of line-rate data processing applications in environments ranging from high performance computing and data center networks to the Internet of Things.


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