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Worming our way towards sustainable intensification: No-till farming in the UK


Farmer and Conservation Agriculture practitioner Tony Reynolds holds earth full of earthworms dug from his field

“Earthworms are natures plough” (Darwin). Earthworms were found in almost every core Tony Reynolds dug.

Land degradation is a serious issue. This blog looks at impact of Conservation Agriculture in the UK and Australia.

Land degradation is a serious problem that affects food security and livelihoods. It reduces agricultural productivity and leaves farmers less resilient to shocks and stresses, made worse in recent years by climate change. With global population expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 the world faces unprecedented demands on its natural resources. Adding to this the likely impact of climate change and the challenge of feeding a world where approximately 1 billion people are already chronically hungry is a major challenge for the global community.

Agriculture for Impact's new blog on Conservation Agriculture and it's role for food security is out now. Visit our blog 


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