FoNS Awards for Excellence in Teaching and the Support of Teaching


On Thursday 19 June, staff from across the Faculty of Natural Sciences gathered together to celebrate staff success in the 5th Annual FoNS Awards.

The celebration was opened by the Dean, Maggie Dallman, and awards were presented by the Provost, James Stirling, Maggie Dallman and Alan Spivey, FoNS Director of Education.

In addition to the presentation of the awards, some of the winners were also invited to give short talks to share their best practice with colleagues. 

The award winners who were honoured at the event were as follows:


  • Henry Rzepa
  • Andrew Ashley
  • Mike Bearpark
  • Paul Wilde
  • Toby Mullins
  • James Sudlow
  • Clyde Fare
  • Ernest Pastor Hernandez
  • Simon Turner
  • James Bull

Life Sciences

  • Michael Tristem
  • Murray Selkirk
  • Stephen Brickley
  • Shorok Mombrikotb
  • Ed Harding
  • Stephen Matthews
  • John Pinney
  • Rebecca Price
  • Christoph Engl
  • Colin Campbell
  • Tony Nolan
  • Shannon Ewart
  • Giovanna De Palo
  • Brian Carnell


  • Sebastian van Strien
  • Andrew Walton
  • Edward Cohen
  • John Britnell
  • Grigory Volovskiy
  • Julian Waton
  • Matt Scales
  • David Rottensteiner
  • Andrew McRae
  • Alexander Bolton
  • Manon Abiteboul
  • Adrien Grumberg


  • Steve Cowley
  • Matthew Foulkes
  • Jeremy Turcaud
  • Francisco Suzuki Vidal
  • Alexander Richards
  • Peter T Fox
  • Mr John Wood
  • Giulia Ferlito
  • Dr Richard Hendricks
  • Terry Rudolph
  • Subu Mohanty
  • Edward Hill


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