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The annual CDT Festival of Science will take place on 23rd April 2015.

The annual CDT Festival of Science will take place at Imperial College on 23rd April.  The festival is a chance for CDT students to present a showcase of current research and scientific issues to the research community of Imperial College London.

This year's festival focuses on the theme of "Criticism & Science”, featuring speakers from a number of disciplines and positions from both within and outside of academia. We hope to bring you a range of perspectives on the importance of criticism as a tool for ethical research. Details of the speakers for the 2015 CDT Festival of Science can be found here.

The day is also an opportunity for the 12 CDTs to communicate with each other and gain a more detailed understanding of the work that is carried out in each field. This year we will have, in addition to the speakers, a photo competition, some criticism-related activities and our very own hydrogen fuel cell.

Visit the festival website for full details.


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