DoC Academic wins the prestigious Eurosys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award


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At the 2015 Eurosys ACM SIGOPS European Conference, Dr Cristian Cadar was awarded the Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award.

This is given annually to a researcher who contributes to advancement in all areas of computer science directly related to, or having an impact on, the development, design, architecture, deployment and operation of software and hardware systems.

Cristian has recently  been promoted to Reader in the Department of Computing (effective from August).   He works at the intersection of software engineering, computer systems and software security, with a focus on building practical techniques and tools for improving the reliability and security of software systems.  In particular, his research has played an important role toward establishing the research sub-area of dynamic symbolic execution.   

Cristian is currently the principal maintainer of the symbolic execution tool KLEE that was open-sourced in June 2009 and has been downloaded thousands of times.  It has an active community with over 250 subscribers on its mailing list. The tool has been extended by groups from several universities and companies (such as Columbia, EPFL, Fujitsu, RWTH Aachen, UC Berkeley etc.) in many different areas such as wireless sensor networks, automated debugging, exploit generation and online gaming.  

in 2013 he was awarded an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship to investigate novel techniques for improving the reliability and security of evolving software, based on the idea of combining the execution of multiple software versions in such a way as to increase the reliability and security of the “multi-version” application and eliminate a large number of common bugs introduced by software updates.

More details on his research and papers can be found at


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