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Wan Advanced Materials Paper



Wan recently got published in Advanced Materials where her paper also received VIP status (Very Important Paper).

Wan's paper titled "A Thieno[3,2-[1]benzothiophene Isoindigo Building Block for Additive- and Annealing-Free High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells" was recently awarded VIP (Very Important Paper) status in Advanced Materials.

DOI: 10.1002/adma.201501841


A novel photoactive polymer with two different molecular weights is reported, based on a new building block: thieno[3,2-b][1]benzothiophene isoindigo. Due to the improved crystallinity, optimal blend morphology, and higher charge mobility, solar-cell devices of the high-molecular-weight polymer exhibit a superior performance, affording efficiencies of 9.1% without the need for additives, annealing, or additional extraction layers during device fabrication.


Samuel Cryer

Samuel Cryer
Department of Chemical Engineering

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