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Imperial celebrates historical climate change agreement at Paris conference


Greenpeace bear at COP21

Greenpeace brought their giant polar bear to keep watch over climate negotiations. Image credit: Takver

With a global climate agreement now secured, we take a look back at the final week of the UN climate conference in Paris.

On 9 December, scientists from the AVOID 2 programme introduced their latest research on achieving 2°C, with speakers including Professor Jim Skea and Ajay Gambhir.

Wednesday saw the release of a much-anticipated first draft of the global climate agreement.

Countries perceived to be holding up negotiations earned themselves the title of 'Fossil of the Day'.

The Grantham Institute convened an event on Thursday focusing on the importance of technology in reaching climate goals.

With negotiations over-running, a final draft of the global climate deal was released on Saturday morning.

It was a happy ending for COP21 as 195 countries agreed to a global climate deal on Saturday afternoon.


Ms Alexandra Franklin-Cheung

Ms Alexandra Franklin-Cheung
Centre for Environmental Policy

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