Visit from Tsinghua University


Professor Nick Buenfeld and Professor Lin-Hai Han

Tsinghua/Imperial Collaborative Workshop

On Tuesday 07 June 2016, the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering was delighted to host a visit from Colleagues from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.  The aim of the workshop was to foster future interdisciplinary collaborative research with a particular focus on urban resilience.

Tsinghua/Imperial Delegates

Tsinghua/Imperial Workshop Delegates


Professor Nick Buenfeld, Head of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering was presented with a plaque by Professor Lin-Hai Han on behalf of Tsinghua University (Story picture).

 Data Science Institute

The Tsinghua Delegation were also given a tour of the facilities at the Data Science Institute where Professor Dan Graham, Professor of Statistical Modelling and Research Director of the Railway and Transport Strategy Centre, showed an example of the system in use, measuring user volume of the Shanghai Metro System.

Tsinghua Delegation

Dongping Fang, Professor and Head of Construction Management at THU-SCE, and Director of the Collaborative Innovation Centre on Sustainable Urbanization Systems at THU

Lin-Hai Han Professor of Structural Engineering, and Head of Civil Engineering at THU-SCE

Jianping Wu, Professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and the Director of Tsinghua - Cambridge and MIT Center for Future Transport Research

Xinzheng Lu, Professor of Earthquake Engineering, is Head of Institute of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation at THU-SCE

Nan Li, Assistant Professor of Construction Management

Xiangming Kong, Associate Professor at Tsinghua University


Ms Alexandra J Williams

Ms Alexandra J Williams
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