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French High School visits Imperial College


Abi Ackerman Demonstrating in the lab

Abi Ackerman Demonstrating in the lab

Students (age 19-21) from Diderot High School, France, visit Imperial College.

On 1 February 2017, ten students (age 19-21, BTEC equivalent students), and two teachers from Diderot High School, France, visited the Materials Department at Imperial College.

Vivian Tong (HexMat PDRA), gave a talk and demonstration on ‘ductile to brittle temperature in metals’ and Abi Ackerman (HexMat PhD student) demonstrated on ‘rolling and hardness testing’.

After experiencing working in a lab, they were given a tour of the department and the opportunity to see state of the art equipment and machines used at Imperial.

The day ended with Simon Wyatt (PhD student) giving a tour of the Imperial campus.

Read a report on the day written by the visiting French students.





Abi Ackerman demonstrating 'rolling and hardness testing'






Vivian Tong demonstrating ‘ductile to brittle temperature in metals






Simon Wyatt giving a tour of Imperial


Saira Naeem

Saira Naeem
Department of Mechanical Engineering