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Quantum Optics to Quantum Technology Workshop at the Royal Society


Sir Peter Knight

Three-day workshop on Quantum Optics to Quantum Technology at the Royal Society, London 11th-13th July.

In honour of Professor Sir Peter Knight’s 70th birthday celebration the Royal Society kindly hosted a three-day workshop entitled “Quantum Optics to Quantum Technology”  organised by Professor Myungshik Kim.

The workshop was well attended by a mix of academics and students from institutions stretching as far a field as Abu Dhabi. Each speaker gave their thanks for the pioneering work that Professor Sir Peter Knight has done for the field of quantum optics, his relentless championing of quantum technology and research, and for his contribution to their own personal careers as a supervisor and mentor.

Each of the three days usually consisted of three sessions of which each contained 2-3 speakers followed by a discussion panel in the afternoon. The second day included a poster session mainly for students to showcase their work to the rest of the community and to encourage informal discussions and debate amongst the attendees.


Shane de Silva

Shane de Silva
Department of Physics