Global Health Forum: Migrant health


Global Health Forum: Migrant health

Professor Jonathan Friedland, Dr Sally Hargreaves, Dr Mohammed Jawad and Professor Stephen Matlin (L-R) take questions from the audience.

The Institute of Global Health Innovation's December Global Health Forum focused on the complex, but important issue of migrant health.

The movement of people can have a significant impact on health. Migrants and refugees face a number of barriers to gaining healthcare, and are more susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases.

Providing an overview of the topic, Professor Stephen Matlin, presented on ‘The Health of Migrants and Refugees’. In the second talk of the Forum, Dr Mohammed Jawad looked at the situation of refugees in the Middle East. 

Dr Sally Hargreaves then gave a talk on ‘Migration and barriers to care across Europe’, a very current and pressing issue. The final talk came from Professor John Friedland who’s presentation looked at migration and tuberculosis in depth.

The event can be watched in the video here

Prior to event we spoke to Dr Sally Hargreaves who gave us an insight into the current state of migrant health. Click here to listen to our latest podcast.

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