Exploring Data-based and AI approaches to Healthcare


Professor Mauricio Barahona delivering his presentation at IGHI’s Global Health Forum.

Professor Mauricio Barahona delivering his presentation at IGHI’s Global Health Forum.

IGHI host forum on data and AI use in healthcare.

This month the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) collaborated with the EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare to discuss and learn about the latest advances in data-based and AI approaches in healthcare.

The first talk of the Forum was delivered by Dr Aldo Faisal, Director of the Behaviour Analytics Lab at the Data Science Institute, who provided a look into how AI has been harnessing millions of doctor-patient interaction. Following this, Erik Mayer from IGHI’s Centre for Health Policy and Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial’s Department of Surgery & Cancer, spoke about ‘Patient safety data and data analytics within Imperial NHS Trusts’. Here he highlighted some of the work being done with AI at the Patient Safety Translational Research Centre and IGHI’s Helix Centre

The final presentation was given by Professor Mauricio Barahona, Director of EPSRC Centre for Maths of Precision Healthcare and Chair of Biomathematics. Following Professor Barahona’s talk titled, ‘From free text to clusters of content in health records: an unsupervised graph partitioning approach’, the speakers were then asked questions by the audience.

 The full event can be watched in the video below.


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IGHI’s monthly Global Health Forums  provide a platform to bring together Imperial researchers, students, and staff from across all of Imperial’s Faculties to highlight, discuss and disseminate findings on current research and innovations on relevant global health topics. The Forums encourage interdisciplinary discussions with the intention that they will foster inter-Faculty research initiatives and leverage the immense strengths of Imperial College to resolve global health priorities of the early 21st Century.

The next forum will take place on Thursday 19 April at 3:00pm at Anthony De Rothschild lecture theatre in St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London and focus on vaccines.

More information about this event can be found here.




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