Dr Andreas Kafizas making chemistry fun


Dr Andreas Kafizas

Dr Andreas Kafizas performing some outreach activities at Bandon Hill Meadowfield Primary School in Surrey

Dr Andreas Kafizas has recently done some fun outreach at Bandon Hill Meadowfield Primary School. Using household chemicals, he showed the children how to make a lava lamp effect (90% oil + 10% water + food colouring + Alka Seltzer), layers of coloured solutions (water + food colouring, with various amounts of sugar to alter the density) and mini volcanoes (baking soda + food colouring + vinegar). The children were really excited to do some of the experiments themselves, and enjoyed the demonstrations. Andreas also enjoyed the event and was happy to show the children how fun chemistry can be and hopefully inspire the next generation of chemists!



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Maria Tortelli
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