5th TSM Annual Conference Prizes


Prize winners

Congratulations to Sophie Finnigan, Chris Ablitt and Jonas Verschueren for receiving prizes at the 5th TSM Annual Conference.

The 5th TSM Annual Conference took place on Tuesday 19th June at Imperial College. This year the conference included a poster session with posters presented by first and second year PhD students. The prize for best poster as selected by current TSM MSc students was awarded to Sophie Finnigan for her poster on 'Modelling the Environmental Decomposition of the Nerve Agent VX'.

The day also included a series of talks by cohort 6 students who are in their final year of PhD study. The prize for best talk was awarded jointly to Chris Ablitt who presented a talk entitled 'Ruddlesden-Popper and the Mystery of the Shrinking Ceramic' and Jonas Verschueren for his talk entitled 'The role of dislocation-lattice interactions in the mobility of dislocations in the pure-glide regime'. The day also saw guest talks by TSM Alumni Ben Kaube and MIT Professor Craig Carter.


Miranda Toora

Miranda Toora
Department of Materials