Imperial graduate wins international prize for best MEng Thesis


Jeremy Kong collects his award

Jeremy Kong (center left) with Tomas Lamser (left) and Anna Prianichnikova (center right), and Dana Scott (right) at FLOC 2018.

We are delighted to announce that Jeremy Kong was awarded the annual VCLA International Student Award for his MEng Thesis in Logic and Verification.

Jeremy Kong, who graduated from the Department in 2016 with a project score of 100, received this prestigious award for his MEng Thesis: "MCMAS-Dynamic: Symbolic Model Checking Linear Dynamic Logic."

The VCLA International Student Awards acknowledge works which ask innovative questions and meet the highest academic standards for scientific research in the field of Logic and Computer Science. For this year's awards 33 submissions were evaluated by an international committee of 17 recognised researchers; Jeremy's submission was selected for the Outstanding Master Thesis Award.

I am incredibly honoured for my work to have been recognised by the Committee. Jeremy Kong

The award ceremony took place in Oxford on July 14 during the Federated Logic Conference (FLoC) Olympic Games. The award was accompanied by a prize of 1200 euros and a prestigious opportunity to present the work to the FLoC audience. His presentation is accessible online.

When asked for comments Jeremy said "I am incredibly honoured for my work to have been recognised by the Committee, and I seek to continue to expand and develop on this. I'd like to thank Prof. Alessio Lomuscio for his guidance both throughout writing the thesis and subsequently in further related work as well as the Department as a whole. I'd also like to thank some of my friends, including James and Bryan who helped with discussing various ideas and reviewing my work as well.".

Work from Jeremy's MEng thesis has been published in two full papers at  AAMAS 2018 and IJCAI 2018 and an extension was recently presented as a full paper at AAMAS 2019.


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