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Dr Enrique Castro-Sanchez

It has been a busy summer for Dr Enrique Castro-Sanchez, our Lead Academic Research Nurse

Dr Enrique Castro-Sanchez, our Lead Academic Research Nurse has had a summer of success with various talks and personal achievements.

Enrique was recently invited by the Spanish Society of Surgical Nurses to speak at their 7th National Congress of Surgical Nursing in Spain, where he gave the closing plenary on developing socially relevant nursing services, including new roles leading and complementing efforts to improve the use of antibiotics in hospitals and other care settings.

Later on, he was invited to speak at the 3rd International Meeting of Hospital Nurses, organised by the Andalusian Association of Hospital Nurses. He delivered a lecture on developing research programmes to prevent and manage healthcare associated infections, stressing the importance of planning for a future of ever so more frequent drug-resistant infections and increased care complexity.

Back in London, he was invited to talk at the Antibiotic Guardian Conference 2018 held in June, where he gave an overview of past and ongoing research outputs and technology-based interventions developed by HPRU on training the next generation of healthcare professionals to address AMR, considering the impact of new tools such as decision-support software as well as computer simulations and virtual environments.

On the same week, he delivered a webinar entitled “Nurses Participation in the Optimal Management of Antimicrobials”, organised by the World Innovation Summit for Health Leading Health System Network, presenting some of the current evidence and experiences worldwide about increasing nurses’ involvement in appropriate use of antibiotics, including some examples for colleagues in India, South Africa, Rwanda and Chile.

Enrique was also appointed as Academic Editor for the PLOS ONE journal, and he adds such experience to his current tenures as Editor of BMC Public Health and Associated Editor of Gaceta Sanitaria, both key public health journals.

Finally, Enrique was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Nursing Science (EANS) at the recent EANS Summer School held in Ghent (Belgium), in recognition for his significant contribution to the advancement of nursing science in Europe through scholarship and research.


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