UK Turbulence Consortium Annual Meeting


Turbulent flows modelling

The Department of Aeronautics is hosting the EPSRC UK Turbulence Consortium Annual Meeting on 10-11th September 2018 (Huxley Building Room 311).

The consortium brings together complementary expertise/experience/knowledge and coordinate activities to look at coherent, rational and strategic ways of understanding, predicting and controlling turbulent flows using High Performance Computing. The consortium is crucial for the UK in order to coordinate, augment and unify the research efforts of its participants and to communicate its expertise and findings to a wider audience.

First funded in 1995 by EPSRC, the consortium has been through six highly successful iterations. It has seen significant growth since its inception, from 5 original members to 47 members over 21 UK institutions in 2018. This year's annual meeting, the two invited speakers are Sylvain Lardeau from SIEMENS (Senior Developer in STAR-CCM+) and Nilanjan Chakraborty from Newcastle (Professor of Fluid Dynamics).

The Tim Nickels prize will be awarded for best oral presentation (25 oral presentations this year) and for best poster (23 posters this year). 

More details about the Turbulence Consortium can be found here.


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