Feb 2019 - Article in Tetrahedron Lett. Published


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Trevor's paper describing a method for the iodination of terminal alkynes using KI and copper sulfate is described and exemplified for PET labelling.

Trevor Ferris, Laurence Carroll, Ron C Mease, Alan C Spivey and Eric O Aboagye 'Iodination of Terminal Alkynes Using KI/CuSO4 – A Facile Method with Potential for Radio-iodination' Tetrahedron Letts. 2019, 60, 936-939 DOI: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2019.02.041


we report an efficient new method for the iodination of terminal alkynes using stoichiometric KI and CuSO4 in a mix of acetonitrile and acetate buffer that holds promise for further development into a method for radio-iodination. Indeed radioiodination of iodoacetylene using 125I is demonstrated in 16% RCY.


Professor Alan C Spivey

Professor Alan C Spivey
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