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TSM CDT Student Prizes (part 2 of 3)


The winners of this year's Life of the CDT prizes have been announced.

The Julian Walsh Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Life of the CDT

Emanuele Galiffi, Sophie Finnigan and Matthew Okenyi

Emanuele, Sophie and Matthew are awarded the Julian Walsh Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Life of the TSM-CDT 2019 for their important contributions to the organisation of the Code for Creation stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (RSSE) in 2018. They played key roles in developing and delivering the stand and sharing the science of the CDT with the wider public. The RSSE would not have been possible without the organisation skills and leadership from Emanuele and the important contributions from the whole RSSE team, but especially Matthew and Sophie (who also contributed heavily to the Annual Reports for 2017 and 2018).

Major Contribution to the Life of the CDT

Nikoletta Prastiti, Andrew Warwick and Fangyuan Gu

Nikoletta (chair of the organising committee), Andrew and Fangyuan organised the Hermes Summer School in 2018 at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park. This event brought together students with diverse backgrounds from all over the world to learn about materials modelling and science communication. Hermes 2018 was hugely successful and very positively received by all attendants.


Naho Ollason

Naho Ollason
National Heart & Lung Institute