Corruption in the Global Era - Lorenzo Pasculli


Dr Pasculli teaching Conflict, Crime and Justice

Dr Pasculli teaching Conflict, Crime and Justice

A collection of research essays co-edited by CLCC lecturer Lorenzo Pasculli has been published by Routledge.

Corruption in the Global Era: Causes, Sources and Forms of Manifestation, is edited by Nicholas Ryder and Lorenzo Pasculli and explores the globalising phenomenon of corruption.

The book is the fruit of the collaboration of the Global Integrity Research Network (GIRN), and the Financial Crime Research Network (FCRN) directed by Dr Pasculli, and Prof Ryder, respectively. Dr Pasculli's own contributions include reflections developed whilst teaching his third-year Imperial Horizons module, Conflict, Crime and Justice.

"The developments of corruption in the global era are so complex that any scientific discipline, particularly social sciences, such as sociology, criminology, psychology and law, should contribute to explain its many facets. Interdisciplinarity means dialogue, exchange and mutual verification in a constant dialogical process." 
- Lorenzo Pasculli and Nicholas Ryder, Chapter 1 'Corruption and globalisation'

The book gathers experts across various fields of both the academic and the professional world – including criminology, economics, finance, journalism, law, legal ethics and philosophy of law – to analyze the causes and the forms of manifestation of corruption in the global context and in various sectors (sports, health care, finance, the press etc.) from the most disparate perspectives.

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Dr Pasculli teaches on the Imperial Horizons programme and is an Assistant Professor of Law at Coventry University. 


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