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Projects underway:

Increase construction productivity using 3D computer vision & BIM to automate project progress £114,452 (Innovate UK, with Contilio, May 2019-March 2020). Dr Long Chen, Dr Stefan Leutenegger, Professor Jennifer Whyte.

Transforming Construction Network Plus £2.5m (ESRC/ISCF, with UCL and WMG, November 2018-November 2020), Dr Luigi Mosca, Professor Jennifer Whyte.

Analysing Systems Interdependencies using a Digital Twin £212,74 (CDBB, Oct 2018-Jul 2019), Dr Filip Babovic (to May), Dr Long Chen, Dr Akeem Pedro (from May); Professor Jennifer Whyte.

Modular Construction – Building Capacity for Systems Integration £74,964 (Royal Academy of Engineering, Mar 2018-Feb 2021), Ruoheng Zhang, Dr Luigi Mosca, Professor Jennifer Whyte (PI).

Grand Challenge III: Data-Driven Design Under Uncertainty £805,874 (Jan 2017-Dec 2021) ATI/LRF Data Centric Engineering Programme, Professor Jennifer Whyte (GC lead), Dr Feng Shi, Dr Leo Hsu, Dr Chen Long, Dr Kate Simpson. Funder – Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Welcome to new Centre members......

Dr Luigi Mosca - Luigi is a postdoctoral research fellow at Imperial College London’s “Center for Systems Engineering and Innovation". He is involved in the Transforming Construction Network Plus (N ) project. The project aims to identify transformational levers for the construction industry to improve productivity; produce new research outcomes linking digital, construction, manufacturing and energy; and engage a broad representation of organizations, including SMEs.

Alexander S.J. Zhou- Alexander is currently a PhD researcher at Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation (CSEI), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  He is the recipient of the CSEI Scholarship and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Young Engineers Arthur & Louise May Memorial Scholarship.

His research interests are Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), linked data, semantic web technologies and computational design.


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