Imperial showcases science and discovery in Great Exhibition Road Festival


Child at Great Exhibition Road Festival interacting with an exhibit

Imperial welcomes hordes of visitors to South Kensington Campus for a weekend of creative activities, live experiments and eye-opening science.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019, which builds on the success of the Imperial Festival, is a three-day celebration of science and the arts hosted by more than 20 institutions on and around Exhibition Road.

Great Exhibition Road Festival at Imperial

Over the weekend, Imperial is throwing open its doors to the public, with a mind-boggling array of workshops, demonstrations and interactive exhibits exploring topics such as driverless cars, ocean plastic pollution, robots, the human body, and space exploration.

How do our bodies work?

In the Infection Zone, visitors can explore the world of bugs, including finding out where they live in our body and how they can be both good for us and make us very sick. 

They get to try their hand at identifying different bacteria under a microscope, learn how sneaky bacteria evade antibiotics, and hear how Imperial scientists are are tackling the global rise of superbugs.

In the Body and Mind Zone, medical scientists, bioengineers and clinical staff give visitors an insight into the inner working of our bodies and mind, exploring ground-breaking new approaches to treatments and patient care.

Imperial engineers explain how they're working with amputees in Cambodia on new low-cost prosthetics, while non-squeamish visitors can have a go at the operating table in a surgical simulation.

Surgical simulation

Building a better future

In the Greener Futures Zone, Imperial experts give unique insights into the latest breakthroughs that could pave the way to a better, more sustainable future.

Visitors can explore the devastating impact of plastic pollution, and how scientists are finding innovative ways to tackle plastic waste in our rivers and oceans.

Other zones include the Design Zone, where visitors could be wowed by cutting edge innovation from Imperial students and researchers, and the Envision Zone, which challenges visitors to think like entrepreneurs.


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