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Aeronautics Celebrate Centenary with Alumni Event


Images © Fergus Burnett / Imperial College London

Images © Fergus Burnett / Imperial College London

Generations of alumni gathered at the City and Guilds Building to celebrate the Department of Aeronautics’ Centenary.

The evening brought together current staff and students with Departmental Alumni spanning from the 1950s to the current decade, providing guests with the opportunity to network, reminisce and to view the Department’s facilities.

Taking place on the eve of the Great Exhibition Road Festival, the City and Guilds Foyer was already prepared as an ‘Aerozone’ for the Festival, featuring displays such as a city model used in the 10x5 Wind Tunnel and a photographic timeline of the Department’s history, curated by its academics. This was augmented by Aeronautics’ Head of Department Professor Paul Robinson, who gave a talk documenting the Department’s development over the last 100 years.

With the Department having moved to the City and Guilds Building building as recently as September 2017, many guests had the opportunity to view Aeronautics' current facilities for the first time. Tours of wind tunnels, the aerial robotics arena, composites centre and technology suite were followed by more nostalgic tours of the Department’s former base in the Roderic Hill Building (where many of the guests would have been taught).

  • Aeronautics Alumni tour the Department's facilities
  • Aeronautics City Model, as used in the 10x5 Wind Tunnel
  • Alumni tour the Composite Centre


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