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Dennis Gabor Award for outstanding achievements in neural engineering


Danilo Mandic

Professor Danilo Mandic has won a life contribution award from the International Neural Network Society.

The Dennis Gabor Award celebrates individuals whose work has had a fundamentally important and lasting impact on the field of neural engineering.

Danilo’s award citation describes how he has been at the forefront of developments in statistical and adaptive approaches to machine intelligence for more than two decades, undertaking world-leading research in multidimensional and neural adaptive systems: “His contributions have helped establish the foundations for Data Science for real-world data, including Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Big Data.”

Professor Mandic's work has found innovative applications from healthcare to the electrical power grid:

His novel research in “Hearables” is a pioneering technology which combines ultra-wearable sensing and machine intelligence to monitor a patient’s vital signs using miniaturised sensors embedded in an earplug.

Danilo has used smart data analytics to help provide an accurate frequency estimate and identify a type of fault in electrical energy systems, a pre-requisite for the operation of the Smart Energy Grid.

He has also delivered innovation in teaching — using wearable technologies to enhance student engagement and promote an intellectually stimulating classroom experience.

Describing his honour on receiving the award, Danilo said: “It is particularly pleasant to be included among the top echelons of Neural Networks research, the more so since Dennis Gabor was a shining star in my own department at Imperial College London.”

The Department sends our congratulations to Danilo on this prestigious award.


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