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CSEI seminar series - Dr Corina Shika Kwami



CSEI seminar series - Dr Corina Shika Kwami

On Wednesday 22nd April 2020 the Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation hosted Dr Corina Shika Kwami, The Royal Academy of Engineering

Recording of webinar

TITLE – Sustainable Living Places: Infrastructure systems, stakeholders and shared perspective

Systemic problems associated with infrastructure require working across planning, networked utilities (water, energy, gas), public services (transport, mobility, education, health) and other systems involved in delivering cities, towns and communities. Critical to effective working is developing a shared perspective that brings stakeholders to the table.

Rising demand for housing in the UK is a symptom of the complex systemic problems. This session will highlight the challenges and opportunities in developing a shared perspective through a case study, Sustainable Living Places, commissioned by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) and led by the Royal Academy of Engineering. This project focuses on housing in the context of wider systems.  Using an example of how a system’s thinking and mapping techniques were applied, the session will facilitate dialogue on the pitfalls and opportunities that working across stakeholder groups presents.

Bio – Having worked on infrastructure, health and tech projects in countries in over 10 countries across Latin America, Africa and South east Asia, I work at the intersection of engineering, policy and planning for sustainable urban futures. I have worked in international development on public health, water and energy projects with organisations including: United Nations (World Health Organisation and International Labour Organisation), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and LSE Cities. My work on infrastructure includes working with utilities in Latin America, specifically exploring the transformation of Medellin, Colombia. I currently lead the Academy’s Sustainable Living Places work on housing and infrastructure.

Described as a modern Renaissance woman for my work in STEM and the arts, I have been featured by the Center for International Education Exchange (CIEE) for Inspiring Social Change. My broader vision is to integrate a diversity of experiences to create sustainable cities and communities. I do this through projects and speaking engagements that use the arts to promote creative communication through the UNLEASH Innovation Lab (Denmark, Singapore and China), collaborations with over 10 Moroccan cities and various diversity programs in Germany.

The Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation 2020 Seminar Series

Future Infrastructure Design and Planning for (climate) Resilient Societies

The complexities of modern systems vital to civil infrastructure continues to increase with the overlap of many traditional silos of knowledge and activity brought about by the progression to digitisation. The impact of human activity and the speed in which societal transformation is occurring across the globe require transdisciplinary research that develops innovative tools and clear insight to enable informed decision-making for the systems we depend upon.

CSEI is pleased to announce the 2020 Seminar Series on Future Infrastructure Design and Planning for (climate) Resilient Societies. Each seminar will focus on an individual area of research influencing civil infrastructure design and planning and will provide attendees with a unique insight into how Imperial is working with industry partners to deliver world class research and support the transition to more resilient and sustainable approach to civil infrastructure projects.


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