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CPSE at Imperial and UCL launches videos on Made Smarter and Decarbonisation


The Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) breaks down some of the key challenges on Made Smarter and Decarbonisation.

The Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) at Imperial College London and University College London launched a series of videos with industrial partners related to the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund 3 (Made Smarter and Decarbonisation). The videos are two minutes and explore the CPSE research in Industrial Digital Technologies, Intelligent Solvent Design and Meta Modelling. The videos are ‘a must see’ for people interested in Made Smarter and Decarbonisation.

Made Smarter @CPSE
The video above, is a compilation of key elements from the three videos below, summarising how CPSE is addressing key challenges in the Made Smarter, Digitalization and Decarbonisation domains.

Industrial Digital Technologies
The video explains how machine learning is being used at CPSE to address sustainable complex systems, such as bioprocesses. It shows how CPSE and BP are working together to address digitalization in the process Industry.

Intelligent Solvent Design
The video outlines how CPSE is developing computational techniques to enable “manufacturing made smarter” by identifying new solvents. An industrial perspective on the topic is provided from Patrick Piccione at F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG.

Meta Modelling
In this video researchers from the CPSE and Eli Lilly explain how “Quality by design” is researched and applied to reduce the cost of drug development and regulatory approval. Allowing patients to have access to very needed remedies in the shortest possible time.


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