Virtual Symposium and Tutorial Day held for CFD solver PyFR


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A symposium and tutorial day for the CFD solver PyFR have been held virtually.

PyFR is a high-order accurate CFD solver designed for solving unsteady turbulent flow problems in the vicinity of complex geometries. It has application in a range of engineering sectors, including commercial and military aviation, wind engineering and submarine design. The project is jointly led by Dr Peter Vincent in the Department of Aeronautics and Prof Freddie Witherden in the Department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University.

The PyFR Symposium 2020 consisted of talks from both industry and the PyFR team. The event covered a range of topics related to the theory of high-order Flux Reconstruction schemes, their implementation in PyFR, and their application to industrially relevant flow problems. 

An additional event, the PyFR Tutorial Day 2020, provided step-by-step guidance on running scale-resolving CFD simulations with PyFR in parallel on multiple GPUs, as well as an overview of the PyFR codebase, and deep-dive sessions into specific topics of interest. Access to computing resources were provided by Amazon via their cloud platform.

Dr Peter Vincent hailed both events as “a great success”. He added  that “the overarching objective of the symposium was to help bridge the gap between industrial requirements and academic research activities, and I think we achieved that – the talks have led to a lot of offline discussions, and opportunities for collaboration.”

The symposium also saw talks from the likes of MBDA, Zenotech and Pointwise as well as from the PyFR team, who described recent developments in numerics/software, and application of PyFR to a range of test cases.

Recordings and slide decks taken from all the talks given at the PyFR Symposium are now available on the PyFR website.


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