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More student voices on learning and internships in Summer term 2020


summer lab designing for real people

Get more depth from our students about our summer lab Designing for Real People which ran during the pandemic.

In the previous article, we presented some highlights of what our students say about online learning and internships at Imperial during the COVID19 pandemic. In this article, we take a more in-depth look at some of our exciting student projects. On the Designing for Real People(DRP) course small teams of students work with external stakeholders over a number of weeks and iterations to implement the project vision.

Hear from the students about how much they learned and enjoyed these projects in the video interviews below!

If you or your organisation wants to be involved in DRP please contact Madasar Shah. We are always looking for industrial partners, human-centred problems for projects, and speakers willing to showcase an exciting technology stack.

In no particular order:

Dora is a platform to help charities manage physical donations of items and allow the donators to see their items being put to good use in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Grid is an app that connects Formula One fans to each other and the races by gamifying the action live as it happens. 

ICON Clinical Guidelines is an app that allows junior doctors from the Imperial Healthcare NHS trust to quickly share rapidly changing clinical guidelines with each other. 

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Wannabeez is an app and an augmented reality game that allows citizen scientists to contribute data so that researchers can track pollinator biodiversity. 

DoC Outreach is a tool that allows the Department of Computing to better manage the outreach events that our lecturers and students deliver in local schools. 

Lime is a tool to manage, communicate, and publicise live events directly to the participants’ devices. 

DJStreamr is a remote audio app that connects DJs with each other so they can perform virtual back-to-back sessions for audience members who are all over the globe. 


Ahmed Abdullahi Idle

Ahmed Abdullahi Idle
Department of Computing