Five year commitment to considerate construction


Considerate Contractors Scheme logo

Considerate Contractors Scheme logo

Five year commitment to a national standard setting organisation rewarded

Estates Operations are signed up partners of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

The not-for-profit body is an important and influential standard setting national organisation and provides an important point of reference for contractors striving to do the right thing while delivering projects for their clients.

Oluseyi Oduntun, Health & Safety Advisor (Construction) is our representative at meetings.On November 10 he was at an online meeting to receive a Longevity Milestone Award from Amanda Long, Chief Executive of CCS, for our commitment to the scheme for the last five years.

The CCS five pillared Code of Considerate Practice applies to all registered sites, companies and suppliers regardless of size, type or location and is supported by detailed aspirational expectations. The five pillars are: Care about Appearance; Respect the Community; Protect the Environment; Care about Safety; Value their Workforce.

Amanda Long, said: “I was delighted to be able to announce your five-year Partner Longevity Milestone Award.

“The purpose of this award is to recognise the significant commitment your organisation has made to the improving standards of considerate construction.

“Congratulations on this achievement and the Scheme looks forward to continuing working with your organisation to achieve even higher standards”.

The award brings with it a new logo for College use. Oluseyi Oduntun said: “I am sure this will further motivate us to continue to push our contractors to become more considerate on their sites and towards their environments as enshrined in the CCS Code of Practice.”

Standards include:

  • Communicating regularly with local residents
  • Ensuring that the external appearance of sites enhances the image of the industry
  • Seeking sustainable solutions, and minimising waste, the carbon footprint and resource
  • Managing vehicle and pedestrian access and egress to the site
  • Maintaining a secure, clean and tidy site enclosure
  • Managing the expectations of the workforce on welfare and safety.

Head of Estates Operation Health & Safety, Denis Murphy, said: “This award is testament to the hard work and commitment by our contractor partners and to the standards promoted and supported by Imperial as a leading construction client, representing a world class university.”

Visible efforts

Our White City campus is a great example of the College’s commitment to the appearance of working construction sites alongside in-use campus facilities and efforts to enhance the local area. Our Central Communications Design team worked on a series of informative and engaging hoardings which were recently erected, providing an attractive addition to the streetscape.

Safety hoardings on White City campus


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